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Royal Netherlands Marechaussee


The Marechaussee also performs police tasks 


The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is a gendarmerie force performing military and civil police duties. It's a police organisation with military status. Unlike the Army, Navy and Airforce and because of its special function, the Marechaussee doesn't report to the Chief of the Netherlands Defence Staff. Instead it falls directly under the jurisdiction of The Ministry of Defence. However, often it will work for the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The Marechaussee employs approximatly 6.600 personnel, both military and civilian.

The Marechaussee performs the following tasks:

  • Assistance to and cooperation with the police
  • Security of certain buildings and locations such as royal palaces and the house of the Prime Minister
  • Security of VIPs and the Royal House
  • Security of the Dutch Bank and guarding security transports
  • Escorting and protection of NATO convoys
  • Guarding the national borders and enforcing immigration laws
  • Security, maintaining order and preventing crime at all civil airports in the Netherlands
  • Fighting international crime
  • Military Police function for the Army, Navy and Airforce
  • Criminal investigation
  • Ceremonial duties


Airport Security


The RV-162 is used for coastguard and border control functions












Border Control and Immigration