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Royal Netherlands Army

Land Forces

Diemaco C-7 Assault Rifle

The land forces of the armed forces constitute the Royal Netherlands Army. The Army employs about 26.000 personnel. The highest-ranking officer in the army is the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army (Commandant Landstrijdkrachten) who reports to directly to the Chief of the Netherlands Defence Staff. The main tasks are to contribute to peace, security and stability, to defend the territory of the Kingdom and NATO members and to support civilian authorities with maintaining the law, disaster relief and humanitarian aid. 


Elite Special Forces

Commandos are trained to capture terrorists and release hostagesThe Korps Commandotroepen is the elite special forces unit of the Army. The commandos can be deployed anywhere in the world by use of helicopter, vehicle, parachute or by foot. Teams are specialised for deployment in areas abundant in water, in mountainnous terrain, in inhabited areas or by parachute from altitudes up to 10.000 m. Individuals are specialised to serve as communications specialist, demolition specialist, medic or sniper. Commandos can be recognized by their green berets and the depiction of a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knive on their shoulder sleeve insignia. Some of the many and diverse tasks of the Korps Commandotroepen are:

  • Reconnaissance missions
  • Capturing or destroying major facilities and material
  • Capturing or liberating particular individuals or material
  • Controlling laser guided missiles
  • Conducting evacuations
  • Counter terrorism


 The Army uses various armoured and non-armoured vehicles:

18 Panzerhaubitze 2000NL
Armoured Vehicles
600 YPR-765 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
440 Fennek Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
200 Boxer Armoured Fighting Vehicle
192 Combat Vehicle 90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
90 Patria XA-188 GVV Armoured Personnel Carrier
25 Bushmaster Armoured Personnel Carrier
23 TPz Fuchs Armoured Personnel Carrier
Leopard 1 Bridge Laying Tank
Leopard 1 Recovery Tank
Leopard 1 Engineer Tank
Leopard 2 Recovery Tank
Leopard 2 Engineer Tank Kodiak
Non-armoured Vehicles
5200 Mercedes-Benz 290GD
128 Mercedes-Benz G280 CDI Soft-top
8900 Trucks


Panzerhaubitze 2000NLYPR-765 Infantry Fighting Vehicle










Boxer Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Combat Vehicle 90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle











Patria XA-188 GVV Armoured Personnel Carrier

 Leopard-1 Bridge Laying Tank